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    Larry Varley

    Hi Guys, I need all of the interior and exterior door handles for my new 54 coupe. I find it hard to believe that the exterior handles were only used on our cars, so I set up my best SLR with lens extenders and found the makers mark inside one of the exterior handles from my others car.They are Wilmot Breeden handles made in Birmingham, England, I’ll keep searching to see if they are common to another car.

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    phil auldridge


    Good luck in your search, and we’ll all be looking to hear what you find.

    I believe the interior handles must be straight off some of the Italian cars of the time, perhaps Alfa or even Ferrari, they look very familiar to me.

    also, I do know that the little round door lock knob comes right off Jaguar sedans from the late 50’s early 60’s. They are identical to what I have on my ’59 MK IX… I see them for sale regularly on eBay.


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    jean starr

    Try it here, the last time I bought replacement mechanism from them I noticed that they have almost all gears and door lock mechanisms. Maybe you should check them.

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    I am actually pretty sure that there is some factory in China that is mass producing all these parts and sneakily rebranding them to all of the car manufacturers so that in the end, everybody is actually using a somewhat similar version of the same thing. But it would be interesting to find out if the higher end brands are doing the same. You’d think you get a better quality car part for what you’re paying…

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