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    phil auldridge

    My coupe just spews hot air up through the leather outer gearshift boot on a summer day, making a black car even more uncomfortable. Perhaps mine is missing something, but my car has no other shield from under car heat around the shift lever except that leather boot.

    I’ve tried various rubber boots, but all were to tall or bulky to fit under the carpeting and accommodate the movement of the lever. Until now..
    I stumbled onto a boot sold for early Jaguar saloons, and available at XKS.Com

    The part number is BD 14134, and as I recall the price was well under $10.

    The boot is 4.5″ in diameter, and a mere 1″ high, per the attached pictures.

    I simply secured the boot to the tunnel with self-tapping screws and small washers. The boot is very flexible, and allows full shift lever movement without any restriction:

    This should cut down on cabin heat considerably. Next: Install self-adhesive foil insulating pads.

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